NIC Overview


Nasa International Inspection Company (NIC), is an International Inspection, Verification, Testing and Certification Company that started back in 1989 in Houston, TX. NIC started inspecting and renovating used oil rigs destine for Middle East. Later in 1997 NIC expanded its operations to Alberta, Canada while cooperating a joint venture form with Intech Enterprise Inc. (A national Canadian inspection company). Together they performed inspection services all over the American continent. NIC has now established its quality of work and has expanded globally to over fifteen branches and representative offices worldwide, supporting its professional presence and activities over five continents.

NIC is certified ISO 9001, assuring quality management system and the inspection activity of the Government Services & International Trade Division, is accredited by ISO 17020. NIC benefits its clients from the most skillful experts, and the latest and most up-to-date technology while observing international standards.

NIC is ready to offer its clients a wide range of specialized services not only restricted to inspection but also certification, outsourcing, Risk Management, Testing, Technical Consultancy and Training. NIC renders all these services in various business lines such as Automotive, Industrial, Minerals, Oil, Gas, Chemicals and many more. This company provides the best specialized solutions to all fields of activities in order to guarantee improvement of quality, profitability and risk reduction for our clients.

The management team of NIC, has over 25 years of successful professional background in the field of inspection in different parts of the world, and is committed to deliver reliable, efficient and proficient services in shortest time possible, to ensure the satisfaction of its customers in all aspects will be obtained.