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Services Certification


Certification is a key factor in the value chain of activities for our customers and clients. NIC issues necessary certifications after efficient execution of inspection and testing services. Certification helps customers to enhance their business processes, deliver extra values, and improve quality management.


Gas, Oil & Chemicals


Considering the significant role of energy in our everyday life and increasing demand for it, one can consider the importance of this specific issue among several other business lines of NIC. Here quality and reliability beside promptness and risk management have most vital role. NIC’s experts quipped with modern technologies and management solutions are ready […]




In this field NIC offers its costumers inspection, testing & certification services alongside professional management solutions and advices which mainly focuses on technical & financial risk reduction and optimizing operational development and activity. Our vast spectrum of services includes exploration, feasibility testing, processing, production and also: Production optimization Stock monitoring and control Chemical analysis Mineralogical […]




One of the most important lines of activity which NIC utilizes most of its technical facilities and expertise in, is offering industrial sector a suitable and expert service in Industrial services. From construction to energy industries, NIC provides inspection, verification, testing and conformity assessment services so the quality, efficiency and value of the process and […]


Governments and Institutions


When the client of an inspection company is a government branch or an international institute it means that these sectors are seeking to enforce and monitor regulations, economic growth and enhance revenues. NIC utilizes modern management technologies to help government sectors and international intuitions to obtain their ultimate goals which may lead to a sustainable […]


Consumer Testing


Nasa International Inspection Company (N.I.C.), an international inspection, verification, testing and certification company, that originated in 1997, in Canada while performing joint-work with Intech (an inspection company); performing inspection all over the American continent. Since 2007 NIC has also officially gained the inspection license from the Standard & Industrial Studies Institute along with official authority […]




NIC deliver its inspection and testing services in the field of Automotive Industry as a solution to the governments, vehicle manufacturers and costumers. This line of inspection involves dealing with construction and operation of motor vehicles. In this respect NIC provides all system requirements necessary for an efficient and reliable testing without any dependence on […]

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Food and Agriculture


NIC can help your business. Our comprehensive range of services can help to comply with complex legislation including local, regional, national and international rules and regulations for production and trade of agricultural commodities and food. Ensure correct storage, shipping packing and distribution: of commodities, food ingredients and food products. Ensure quality and safety including raw […]