Risk Management


One of NIC ultimate goals is to help all our customers with various business lines to maintain their profitability and optimizing their activity. The most important factor in obtaining and achieving these goals are management of risk and risk reduction. NIC applies all of its expertise in hands of expert staff with modern management technologies, […]


Technical Consultancy


NIC offers technical consultancy services, so that our customers can benefit from it by optimizing their management methods, guarantee maximum profitability and reduce risk.   Some of our specialized consultancy services in all mentioned business lines at NIC are as follows: Consultancy services for export and import of every products (Performa, L/C, …) Consultancy services […]




NIC has the ability and technical facilities to fulfill all advanced engineering testing services, specially in the Oil & Gas engineering testing services. With this respect our company utilizes the testing technology in various grounds with a highly intelligent team.   Some of our testing services are as follows: Intelligence pig tracking in oil & […]




Certification is the key factor in the value chain of the activities of costumer and clients. NIC issues necessary certifications after efficient execution of inspection and testing services. Certification helps costumers to enhance their business processes, deliver extra values, and improve quality management & quality assurance.   NIC certification services are as follows: Issuing the […]




Verification of Conformity (VOC): The Verification of Conformity service involves checking conformity of goods according to national standards or an international equivalent. At the same time it encourages importers and exporters to understand the need for compliance and its benefits. For ad hoc or first time shipments, importers go through the basic shipment process: documentary […]




NIC and our qualified team, operates with the most modern inspection technologies and management methods, to offer inspection services as its core spectrum of activities in all the mentioned business lines. NIC has the ability to offer its inspections services in the place which the buyer or seller of one product assigns.   Some of […]